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WIP Video Up

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 5:54 PM

Woah, two journals in a week!

So, according to the poll, YouTube it is.

:bulletgreen: Video WIP of Grimm's The Frog Prince

The deviation is here:

I hope you enjoy viewing it.  It is fast due to the amount of hours that make it up, but I'm sure with any future videos I'll be more aware of this, and won't use such huge projects.  It is my first one, so let me know what you think as I love getting feedback and having convos.

My new artist page at Facebook is here where I've posted WIP shots and the video.  I hope to be adding some traditional shots there soon as well.  For your ease, it will be placed in the links on the top right from now on. :)

New Facebook page

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 18, 2013, 12:03 PM

I've set up an art page over at Facebook where I'll be posting WIPs, sketches and other bric-a-brac relating to art.  Most likely the same stuff will not be posted here.

Please go and like the page if you are a Facebook user.  I'll see ya there!…

Photoshop Key Tips

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 16, 2012, 1:41 PM

Thought I'd share some hot key strokes for Photoshop CS5 shortcuts that I have discovered to be pretty handy.  On the off-chance that some of you may not be aware of them, I thought I'd share.

First off:

Controlled Magnify (Don't know if it's the official names but it's what I'm going with)

:bulletred: Spacebar + Ctrl

Whilst pushing these both down, your cursor will change to the magnifying glass.  Upon sliding left or right in your canvas with your pen/mouse, you will be able to zoom into your image or out with complete ease.


Controlled Brush Size Alteration

:bulletred: Ctrl + Shift + Right-click

Much in the same way as the controlled zoom just mentioned, using this combination of keys, slide your pointer left and right to make your brush size larger or smaller.  It's good for when you want to do it quickly rather than using the [ or ] keys.  Of course there are a few ways to change your brush size, so you should do what's good for you!


HUD Colour Picker

:bulletred: Shift + Alt, then Right-Click on pen/mouse

You have to be using the brush tool to bring this up.  This will bring up an independent colour picker within your view which some of you will find more handy than others.  You must keep your finger pressed down on the right-click to keep it visible (you can depress shift and alt).  It is tricky when first using it, but persevere and you will find it useful in no time.  You just move the pointer to the colour you want and let go of the right-click.

Furthermore, to be able to choose a hue from the right side of the graphic instead of only the hue saturation, stay in the position of your chosen colour so far and press the spacebar, then point to the hue slider.  Release the spacebar.  This allows you to slide up and down the graphic to make your choice.  To go back to the hue saturation picker on the left, just do the same thing with the spacebar and go back.

As I said, it may take time to get used to but as with anything, practice makes perfect.  To be honest, it's not really that hard.  Just don't let go of the right-click or it will disappear on you.

You can change the appearance of this colour picker as well, by going to Photoshop Preferences in the General tab and you will see the other options for the graphic under 'HUD Color Picker'.  

Have a play with that!


Foreground and Background Colour Swatch

:bulletred: Shift x

This will simply swap round your foreground and background colours in the current colour swatch in tools.


Travel Up and Down Layers

:bulletred: Alt ] or [

Using the squared bracket keys, you can select the above or below layers from your current layer selection without the need to manually point your pen/mouse to click. [ for down and ] for up.  This is useful if you have a lot of layers to work through as well.

Hope someone out there finds this useful.  I'm outta here ...

In ImagineFX

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2011, 11:54 AM


My "Undead Polly" has appeared in ImagineFX this month for the "Dead Parrot Sketch" competition:

Issue #74 Page 30   Undead Polly by lunarsparks ImagineFX issue 74 by ClaireHowlett

I love that it happens to be a Star Wars issue too!


Imagine FX are giving away a free copy of the magazine on iTunes App.   It's the one I'm in too.  So for any of you that are able to access that (lucky you) go get it!!!  The link is on their journal here -->…:

They are now back to regular prices. :shrug:


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London Riots

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 10:40 AM


This really has been a dark few days for Londoners.  The riots have been heartbreaking to witness especially with all the mindless destruction that has been acted out on people's businesses, livelihoods and homes.  I have been literally glued to the coverage on TV and your heart sinks when you see the place that you love torn to pieces, in fact all the places hit over England that are experiencing the same senseless and selfish destruction.

I just wanted to send my thoughts and wishes out there to those that have been directly affected by this and share the anger that this has even happened.

BBC News


Opinions Needed!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 8:02 AM


So I've been in a slump of sorts recently and I thought that it would be interesting to get other people's opinions/critique/advice whatever it may be.  The slump is mainly related to trying to look outside the box (which I have created myself) on my work.  I have got some big ideas in my head but thought it would be great to see what my watchers thoughts were ... maybe you never said them in the comments.

What I wanted to know was this, is there something that you think is sorely missing from my gallery?  It can be a style, genre or just something that you would like to see me do.  Should I include more sketches/drawings or paintings?  Or is there something else?  Basically no opinion is too big or too small.  It's not an art request scenario per se, but instead, just an attempt to shake things up a little!

I'll appreciate any time you give for your input .. I will be listening. :nod:


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The Solution to CS5 Random Pen Pressure

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 10:42 AM


Okay as regards to the pen pressure problem, I've found out a few things.  In case this helps anyone else who has this problem with CS5 (or previous versions) or for the future.  Here they are ...  

Method One:

The one that worked for me came from Wacom through the forums and this was their suggestion:

    "I would open the tablet properties panel, click on About/Info and then on 'diagnose' and check the pressure reported from the pen. If it looks ok and pressure is not intermediate, run the 'tablet preference utility'' from Windows Start menu -> Wacom Tablet and remove the current settings. This resets and restarts the driver. Then minimize the doubleclick distance setting and test."

The thing is I didn't have the Tablet Preference Utility on mine and I also checked my disk.  So I updated my driver again despite the issues I had the first time.  I figured I would just uninstall everything if it didn't work.  This time I only updated to the next driver up which was 6.05-7 and this came with the Tablet Preference Utility, then I followed Wacom's suggestions ... and it actually worked!!

Method Two:

If this doesn't work for you then you could try the following that was suggested by others:

:iconobscure-beauty: directed me to… haven't tried it myself so I cannot vouch for it's effectivenesss.  It is something that can be reversed.  

As :iconvanidar: pointed out to me, it is also possible to do this if you have XP by going to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Thank you both!! :D :D
And lastly, Method Three:

I had also contacted Adobe about this and I can't say that their suggestion was helpful as they basically told me to change brush settings for the Opacity and Pen Pressure.  Both of which changes the effect of the brush and the marks you make with it.  Here are the links they gave me:… and… you want to change the settings, that's the way to do it.


CS5 Hates Me and My Wacom

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 21, 2010, 12:06 PM

Either that or it has panic attacks!  

First off, I've got to say thank you to all the watchers who wished me happy birthday.  It made my day!  :tighthug:

Well, I finally got my hands on Photoshop (the big kahuna) CS5 as a birthday gift, allowing me to update from (small but trusty) Photoshop Elements 2.0.  Feeling very lucky, I mentally skipped through the next day ... until CS5 install day.

It turns out that using the normal brush tool is relatively okay for about 4 or 5 strokes and then *bleurgh* ... it spews a horrid blob.  So every 4 or 5 strokes I'm having to press undo.  This happens even though I haven't changed the pressure.  Here's an example:

CS5 Bad Strokes small

You can see the nice light strokes and then the bad ones.  Even where I've tried to write, you can see some thicker strokes appearing.

I've updated the Wacom drivers only to make the problem miles worse and in fact constant.  So, I managed to get it back to the initial problem after encountering numerous issues in-between.  Such as the lack of any click ability at all at one point.  I did go a little bit crazy for a short while there.

If anyone is experiencing the same problem or, hope against hope, has a solution ... I would love to hear it.  It's the one issue I have with CS5 so far and it's really slowed me down.


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A change is just as good

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 1, 2010, 11:26 AM


So it's time for another change.  Well, it was time months ago but I'm just not much of journal updater any more.  Hopefully everything looks fresh and clean since I wanted to go with something a bit more open and bright.


I'm going to be opening up for commissions again soon and will be sorting out the way I do things.  Most likely by making the options a little more clear cut and offering a few types rather than a broad spectrum.  For example, Full CG with up to two figures with simple or detailed background and that's it.  If anyone would like to see a particular type of commission stay then please mention it, as well as requests for commission types I haven't already offered.  I'm open to suggestions right now, even if you do not plan to commission me soon.  It's just an exchange of ideas and I would appreciate the input.


I think the more convenient DA gets with all these stacks, the more time I seem to take to have to go through all of them.  I wish there was a way of separating the Groups deviations from my friends ... such as the friends ones appearing right at the top or something.  It's making me comment lazy since they are so easy to miss.


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Commission Information

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2009, 8:25 AM


My prices are currently being updated as of October 2011.  
In the meantime, please contact me via note or email if you are interested in commissioning me.  Commercial prices will be charged at different rates.

Commission Process

:bulletpurple: For full colour digital artwork, I will provide you with watermarked thumbnail sketches based on your ideas.  Any changes that need to be made can be made at this point.

:bulletpurple: Upon approval of the thumbnail sketch, payment through Paypal is required before work commences on the final full colour digital artwork.

:bulletpurple: Once the commission is completed, I will send the high resolution file to you for approval.  If any small alterations to the digital artwork are required at this point, I will gladly do them.  After that, the artwork is now yours! (subject to usage).  

:bulletgreen:Usage: The commissioned artwork can only be used in a personal capacity, which means non-commercial and non-profit (For commercial work, please contact me).  Removal of any signatures is prohibited.  As the artist, I reserve the right to use the commissioned artwork for any kind of self-promotion, which may include making prints for my portfolio or for display.  I, as the artist,  retain the rights to the original artwork.

For any information regarding these prices or to ask any questions about commissions, note me or send an email to and I will be happy to answer.


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IE cut my pic in half .. :(